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Your own AI medical scribe assistant to create patient charts in no time.

Turn Every Conversation into Clinical Documentation

How AI Medical Scribe Works

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Transform Your Practice - Automate Your Documentation

Speech-Driven Workflows

Effortlessly document patient visits with voice-based workflows.

Accurate Clinical Documentation

Reduce human-based error possibility and get over 95% accuracy.

AI Coding Support

Get automated coding support.

Patient Care

Focus more on your patient. Write less, Care more.


RevMaxx AI Medical Scribe

Unlock the Power of Conversational and Generative AI to enhance patient outcomes with accurate documentation.

The personal EHR assistant supercharges you with productivity tools that give you an edge.

Let’s bring joy back to medical practice!

Reduce Patient Chart Errors

Reduces errors by 20-50% in medical records.

Insurance Reimbursements

Reduces claims denial rate and improves government reimbursement chances.

Privacy and Security

We know that privacy and security are table stakes for you. That’s why your data is secure at rest and in transit. HIPAA Compliant.

Revenue Maximization

Helps healthcare organizations to significantly improve physician well-being, maximize revenue, and remain financially stable while providing care.

Why Choose Us Over Others?


Why Choose Us Over Others?

We combined speech recognition models, natural language processing, and cutting-edge medical coding software to bring you the ultimate all-in-one AI medical scribe assistant!


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