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DeepScribe Alternative in 2024

Medscape took a survey that exhibits a physician’s professional life before and after investing in AI Medical Scribes.

The results?

Before AI Medical Scribes

  • Documentation time: At least 15-20 minutes
  • Non-Clinical Charting Time: 3+ hours

After AI Medical Scribes 

  • Documentation time : 3 minutes
  • Non-Clinical Charting Time: 1 hour

Physicians can effortlessly utilize the extra time in their schedule to see 5–6 patients more than they were seeing before.

As hospitals are reaping the benefits of this technology day by day, they are enriching the market with better, more sophisticated AI medical scribes to come to their aid. They respond to the challenges of clinical documentation in various ways, with Deepscribe being a big contender. Before giving DeepScribe alternative, let’s talk about the Deepscribe pricing.

Is Deepscribe Pricing Worth it?

It is critical to recognise how the gains in efficiency of AI Medical Scribes occur to prevent creating collateral risks for your organization. We are laying down a guide to Deepscribe’s features, strengths, and reviews, including the DeepScribe pricing for you to make a better decision in your investment. 

Read more to find out.


Deepscribe is a leading provider of AI-powered clinical documentation solutions. It is built to boost medical scribe workflow efficiency in hospitals powered by proprietary AI.

The San Francisco-originating software uses a secure iOS app to capture real-time interactions between patients and doctors. This recording is transcribed and examined to extract important medical information, which is then organized in a SOAP note style and integrated into existing EHR platforms.

A Different Approach to AI

DeepScribe and DeepScribe alternative recommend two templates of workflow for physicians, in the form of two distinct AI systems- HITL and HOTL. 

HITL (Human-In-The-Loop) signifies the requirement for human interaction at critical points in the AI’s decision-making process. This means that while AI medical scribes analyze patient data and provide recommendations, healthcare professionals make the final interpretation of data in the context of the patient’s unique history and current condition.

HOTL (Human-On-The-Loop), which DeepScribe alternative implement, hands over greater autonomy to AI. It carries out tasks independently with humans intervening only if something goes awry.

Deepscribe promotes being a HITL system, with its medical scribe technology having some executive AI autonomy with final human supervision.

Dig deeper into the features to see how.

Features of DeepScribe


  • Speed – DeepScribe automatically generates clinical notes after each patient encounter – reducing documentation time by up to 75%.
  • Accuracy – Deepscribe is more accurate than human scribes – and 32% more accurate than GPT-4 alone.
  • Quality – Deepscribe uses Ambient AI for a hands-free experience that promises
    1. Human quality assurance for enhanced accuracy
    2. Automated note creation in SOAP format

Billing and Revenue

  • Deepscribe claims to improve billing cycles and reduce fatigue by cutting average chart closure time within minutes. However, reviews have yet to be authenticated on a specific time stamp.

Manual Customization

  • Physicians have to fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to match provider workflows and improve adoption, which may complicate things for them.
  • DeepScribe offers ready-made templates that are pre-customised per the physician’s speciality. However, every individual physician has a specific way of arranging their workflow. Hence, they find it difficult to adjust to the pre-customised templates.

DeepScribe Pricing: Transparency Issue

DeepScribe’s features look cutting-edge, but it all comes down to DeepScribe pricing. Unfortunately, DeepScribe has no fee breakdown or catalog to exhibit how much it may cost for one physician, per patient visit/ usage.

The only way to know their pricing plan is to submit all your contact information and appoint a sales call with their marketers. Such a complicated process is unfavorable to physicians who have hectic schedules and may not align with the spontaneity of sales call schedules. 

In one of DeepScribe’s blogs discussing the cost of medical transcription, it suggests “ The big picture…. we must know our Costs and ensure that emerging AI technology acutely addresses those costs. [AI Medical scribes] must be Money-Cost forward, provided at a rate far less than $20k per year.” 

However, it fails to mention its OWN product’s cost breakdown, thereby leaving a potential buyer clueless, confused, and eventually losing interest in DeepScribe. – Why?

Lack of Transparency = Lack of Trust

Overall Loss of Loyalty:

Without transparency, physicians may no longer go forward with their buying process, either because they are not comfortable with a sales call, or do not have enough time for a pitch deck before making a purchase.

Before AI Medical Scribes Vs. After AI Medical Scribes

DeepScribe Alternative: Not just Transparent, but Cost-Friendly!

Importance of Transparency in Pricing and Introduction to RevMaxx AI

According to a poll by Label Insight, 94% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a business that offers transparency, and 73% are willing to pay more for a product that does.

Healthcare clients are more inclined to trust THAT AI medical scribe technology whose price information they can access, be it on vendor websites or their original websites.

Hence, better AI medical scribes are entering the market to fill these significant gaps in the scribe industry. One such cutting-edge AI medical scribe software, delivering the same features and MORE, and gaining the spot for best DeepScribe alternative is RevMaxx AI.

With a crystal clear value of aiding physicians in rejuvenating patient care, RevMaxx AI sets value-based pricing 2x cheaper than other Medical AI scribes.

How is it cheaper? The Answer is not in the Price Tag but in the Pricing Model!

Free trial models are a tricky job for every AI medical scribe. However, RevMaxx AI lays out its pricing model plain and simple, with a 30-day free trial easily accessible to physicians.

RevMaxx AI’s 30-day free trial pricing model:-

A physician opts for the premium subscription only after assessing the product in its entirety for a whole month. RevMaxx AI guarantees them that assurance.

RevMaxx AI: More Than Just Transparency

Beyond the transparent model, RevMaxx AI delivers on its premium price plan with the most demanding features for an all-in-one AI medical scribe. Using ambient AI technology, RevMaxx AI implements the best algorithms to:

Logistic and Technical Support

Features aren’t everything for AI Medical Scribes. RevMaxx AI understand the need for logistic assistance, supporting

Final Thoughts

It is no doubt that using AI medical scribes provides several financial and clinical benefits to healthcare providers, However, DeepScribe pricing is an obstructive factor, posing important considerations for physicians before adopting the technology.  Pricing for AI medical scribes varies depending on their qualities, features, level of efficiency, and compliance considerations.

As a result, picking the best AI medical scribe requires knowledge about the price plan, which RevMaxx AI caters to. Physicians rely on RevMaxx AI for several essential reasons, including simple integration with current platforms, flexibility reflected in specialization, and rigorous security and compliance in patient data management. A price tag acquires value when physicists become INFORMED clients.

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