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Getfreed Free Alternative: Exploring AI Medical Scribe


Fitting AI medical scribes into a physician’s day-to-day life is taking the healthcare world by storm. 

Some of the best AI medical scribes have revolutionized patient care by tapping into what doctors suffer from the most: Surviving patient-doctor interactions. 

From lightening your workload and regaining valuable hours, to exploring the elusive concept of “work-life balance” the Best AI Medical Scribe comes with realistic promises amidst the fast paced medical field. Fairly so, AI medical scribes have consistently delivered on:-

Among the popular technologies in the best AI medical scribe market, FreedAI has been showing impressive performance in delivering some cutting-edge features to aid physicians in documenting patient visits.

Unfortunately, Getfreed costs are quite expensive, making it unfit for a lot of hospital administrations to invest in this otherwise great software.

So, to help you make a decision, we have compiled a comprehensive list on the specs, features, strengths, and possible weaknesses for you to get a schematic overview of Freed, Additionally, we included Getfreed free alternative options to consider while purchasing this AI Medical scribe.

FreedAI: Knowing the software

Freed is a platform that transcribes your patient visits by recording patient-doctor conversations. Through implementing Machine Learning strategies, Freed extracts summarizes, and structures medically relevant information into documentation required by the physicians. 

It conducts structured formatting of the transcription and sends the SOAP note for further review and a final verification from the physician.

The transcription is generated based on medical guidelines and best practice templates. However, certain features may or may not stand out to you as a physician, depending on your specialization and way of treatment.

To understand how Freed AI lives up to the title of “Best medical scribe AI” fits into a physician’s schedule, you should learn about its intricacies. Dive into the analyser persona as we break down factors to consider a possible Getfreed free alternative when selecting your medical scribe AI. 

Factors Affecting Your Decision


To ensure patient safety, one must always prioritize accuracy in the software they are signing up for, especially in fields of quality care, billing, and compliance. Freed AI promises an above 95% accuracy rate, which handles different accents, dialects, terminologies, or specialities.

Freed’s accuracy, as stated by its founders, captures and supports even the most complex patient/provider conversations in our primary care practice yielding accurate, fast documentation.

The software functions to build up a doctor’s knowledge base by analyzing organic data sources like medically backed research studies.

Patient support

Freed AI provides the feature of creating patient-facing notes for patients. Physicians can leverage this feature, sending high-risk patients back home with the safety valve of listing clear directions to reinforce their plan of care.

The directions in these patient-facing notes put the care plan into layman’s terms for patients to understand.


The speed of an AI medical scribe is important for saving time and improving efficiency. To substantiate the resilience and speed of its system, Freed claims to reduce medical documentation time by up to 95%. (Link)

However, the approximate time range within which it can transcribe conversations in real-time or after the encounter is not mentioned on its website.

We analysed the user reviews to note that the turnaround is much less than other market competitors, whose average turnaround is 5 hours for SOAP notes.

Quality of Transcription

NOTE: Freed can only make structured patient documentation when the conversation is monitored as structured, according to a user review on Reddit. It can’t support back-and-forth conversations during diagnoses or patient visits. the more spontaneous the conversation gets, the more unstructured the note will be.


Integrating the best AI medical scribe with physicians’ existing EHR systems is essential for streamlining your workflow and avoiding data duplication or inconsistency. Freed integrates well with a hospital administration’s preferred EHR system or platform without requiring additional hardware or software.

In its paid plan, Freed provides an auto-fill feature in EHR/EMR integration for enterprise subscribers. However, this feature is strictly locked behind the paywall.

Privacy Safeguard

The best AI medical scribe must uphold privacy by excluding human involvement in the documentation process. They employ encryption techniques and security protocols, thus ensuring that patient information remains shielded against unauthorized access or disclosure. Freed’s platform is designed to be HIPAA-compliant AI medical scribe, using the industry’s best practices, and doesn’t store patient recordings.

Getfreed AI Costs

The AI medical scribe cost turns out to be the primary straw to decide whether or not to invest in an AI scribe. In determining your return on investment (ROI) and budget allocation, we recommend you look for the best AI medical scribe that can offer a reasonable and transparent pricing model, such as per encounter, month, or user. 

Even with great value to offer, Freed AI cost has a weaker freemium model to stand for it.

Identifying pros and cons of a freemium model of AI Medical Scribes

FreedAI offers only 10 free trials before signing up for its paid plan. This plan fails to account for the average patient visit count for primary care physicians, which a 2018 Survey of American Physician’s Practice Patterns states is “an average of 20.2 patients per day”. 

Considering the number of free trials that Freed has to offer, physicians only get a quarter of their day, just once, to try out the software.

A longer trial gives the trial customer enough time to play around with the product and integrate the product into their workflow, increasing the likelihood it will become more sticky. 

With only 10 visits allowed for free, clinicians have little to no window to check the product out, that is why a Getfreed free alternative product is very much necessary that offers larger free trials.

Limited Uses vs Fixed Number of Days

A Gap in Value-added Pricing

The feature of customisation and mimicking a physician’s style in the documentation are excellent additives of the software. Yet, the free plan doesn’t let the physician test out this state-of-the-art software beyond only a few trial rounds.

AI Scribe Medical_Claim your FREE Trail Now

Why the 30-day plan works better

The boom of the best AI Medical Scribe in the market today gave us an ample Getfreed free alternative to analyze in terms of their price plans. The 30-day pricing plan, a classic one in the books of business, came up as the most efficient winner because :

Is there a best AI medical scribe software that offers this plan, including all necessary features NEEDED as a Getfreed free alternative?

Better than Getfreed - RevMaxx AI

Coming up as a fresh addition to the market of medical AI and Getfreed free alternative, RevMaxx AI is made especially for physicians across all the common specialities of America.

Apart from delivering on the primary features of what Freed can provide, RevMaxx AI showcases the following features with its freemium model:-

Much More Than A Good Pricing Plan

Being easily compatible with your phone, tablet, or any preferred device of the physician, RevMaxx AI serves as a “pocket-friendly ” virtual assistant that instantly caters to the physician’s needs of reviving patient-doctor conversations. 

RevMaxx AI supports the case of medical documentation and medical coding, by harnessing the power of ambient AI, machine learning, and rules-based natural language processing.

For RevMaxx AI, critical information on patient history is the single most crucial aspect of healthcare. As a result, it accurately records a doctor-patient’s conversational exchange. 

Because RevMaxx AI handles administrative ( timely data entry and document creation), healthcare workers are free to spend more on interacting with patients and clinical decision-making. Hence, RevMaxx AI can be considered as the best Getfreed free alternative in medical documentations.


The world of healthcare continues to evolve, making new space for the best AI medical scribes to aid physician lives. With an ever-growing number of options on the market, physicians must be aware of software like Getfreed free alternative, and other medical coding devices that provide with the most reasonable AI medical scribe costs. 

With the features RevMaxx promises along with its customer-friendly trial model, physicians should no longer have to worry about their return on investment. Similarly, with selecting other AI Medical Scribes, doctors and medical execs alike, should look for primary be wary of features such as:

With a saturated market and an even more competitive scope for medical scribes, AI is changing the colors of medical documentation, and factors like pricing should never be a hindrance in making the next step towards innovation.

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