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Human Scribe Vs. AI Medical Scribe for Free in 2024

What will you prefer, A human medical scribe or an AI medical scribe for free? In the United States healthcare setting, the burden of administrative tasks has led different healthcare organizations and physicians to search for a solution constantly. Because of the administrative burden and workload, physicians are not getting enough time which is increasing physician burnout. Physician burnout can be really worrying and even lead doctors to leave their careers and dissatisfied patients to stop seeing the same doctors. To reduce the chances of physician burnout, now there are different software that have an AI medical scribe for free help with physicians’ documentation process.

Before Artificial Intelligence came onto the scene, there were already different medical scribe jobs where they would hire individuals with professional medical scribe training.

What is a Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is a skilled healthcare professional. They assist different healthcare providers, especially physicians with their documentation and administrative tasks. This documentation includes recording patient histories, symptoms, physical examinations, treatments, and other relevant information; basically, they act as SOAP note generators (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan). These individuals get professional medical scribe training with in-depth knowledge of different medical terms and medical codes. They work alongside physicians in many healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, and outpatient offices and contribute to improved patient care efficiency.

Medical scribes assist doctors in concentrating more on patient care and less on paperwork by handling this documentation duty. Nowadays, medical scribes might be AI-powered clinical documentation improvement software or actual persons. They both contribute significantly to improving patient care and clinical workflows.

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What Are The Differences Between Human Scribe and AI Medical Scribe for Free?

The way that AI and human medical scribes approach the objective of helping doctors with less paperwork is very different:

Human Scribe

Social Competencies

Interpersonal skills are possessed by human scribes. Establishing a good connection and facilitating effective communication with patients and healthcare teams is crucial.


They are able to quickly adjust to various clinical settings and physician preferences. This ensures that documentation procedures are flexible.

Requirements for Training

Typically, becoming a human scribe requires a great deal of training in HIPAA regulations, various medical terminology, and documentation requirements.


Depending on the knowledge and expertise of the individual scribe, patient visits may be interpreted differently. It may result in variations in the caliber of the paperwork.

AI-Powered Medical Scribe


AI scribes leverage natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to automate the documentation process. It helps to capture relevant information from audio or text inputs.


They offer consistent documentation quality. This is unaffected by factors such as fatigue, emotions, or individual interpretation.


Many patients don’t feel comfortable to talk about their health issues when there’s a third person. This can be a problem with human medical scribes as they need to be present in the same room as the physician to actively listen and write patient charts. With an AI scribe, both the patient and doctor don’t have to worry about any interruptions. This clinical documentation improvement software seamlessly records real-time conversations and creates intricate SOAP notes with medical coding support in seconds without any human intervention.


AI scribes can generate documentation in real time. It potentially reduces physician workload and improves overall efficiency in clinical workflows.


These systems can seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare software. It streamlines data management processes.

Continuous Learning

AI scribes can continually learn and improve over time, adapting to evolving medical practices and documentation standards.


AI technology development and implementation can have significant upfront expenses, but overall operating costs are typically cheaper than those of hiring human scribes—especially in high-volume environments.


AI algorithms that are accurate may be biased, depending on the training data used to create them. To lower the possibility of errors, they also allow you to update the document and examine the patient charts.

The particular requirements and available resources of the medical practice will determine whether to use an AI or a human medical scribe. Each of the methods has specific benefits and drawbacks, and in some situations, a hybrid strategy that makes use of both can be the best option.

Final Words!

The way healthcare documentation is developing provides both AI and human medical scribes with workable ways to reduce the administrative burden that comes with being a doctor. AI-powered medical scribes offer advantages in automation, uniformity, and efficiency over human scribes, who contribute interpersonal skills and adaptability. Depending on the particular requirements and available resources, the medical practice will decide whether to use AI or human scribes.

One of the best businesses in the sector, if you’re looking for an AI medical scribe for free, is RevMaxx AI. RevMaxx AI is offering unlimited free SOAP note generation for the first 100 sign ups. Our state-of-the-art technology, seamless EHR connectivity, and capacity for ongoing learning assure accurate and effective clinical recording.

We’re also offering a unique opportunity with our AI medical scribe for free. We’re offering a free access program for the first 100 users. Get your access and try this clinical documentation improvement software without putting in any credit card information for renewal. Embrace AI scribe technology and significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare documentation while mitigating the risk of physician burnout.

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