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Medical Scribe Salary in the United States in 2024

Medical Scribe Salary

Ever wondered how much is a medical scribe salary? A medical scribe’s salary is a key consideration for those who are looking to enter this crucial healthcare role. 

With the growing demand of healthcare professionals, the role of medical scribe has become increasingly vital. These professionals work alongside the physicians, documenting patient encounters and ensuring accurate medical recordings. 

But beyond their essential duties, what does this career option offer them financially? Whether you are planning to become a scribe for doctors or not, understanding the average salary you can earn is crucial. 

Today, here in this blog post, we will explore the salary ranges and factors that influence the pay packages to become such a rewarding medical professional. 

Let’s delve into this blog to get an in-depth knowledge on Medical Scribe Salary.

Why Healthcare Professionals Opt for Medical Scribes?

The introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) focused on enhancing patient care. By sharing crucial information about a patient’s medical details among healthcare providers, it makes things more convenient. 

However, the EHRs also increase the documentation workload for physicians and lead to less time for patient encounters. This is where Medical scribes enter as a game-changer.

The primary role of a scribe for doctors is to alleviate this documentation burden, allowing the physicians to focus more on patient care.  These professionals also retrieve relevant EHR information, like test results, treatment plans, medication lists and more. It helps the healthcare experts to improve the care quality and patient satisfaction.

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How Much do Medical Scribes Make in the US?

The average salary of a scribe for doctors widely depends on various factors, like experience, geographic location, shift timing, type of healthcare, and more. 

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly salary of a medical scribe is around $18.26, which means approximately $47,920 per year. However, this figure can fluctuate widely based on specific circumstances.

So, here we talk about 4 crucial factors that influence the medical scribe’s salary.

Geographical Location:

Location is a major factor that determines the medical scribe salary for doctors. Certain states offer higher wages than others. For instance, a medical scribe in California, New York, and Texas typically earns more compared to the other regions.

Within California, salaries are higher in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Similarly, in New York, medical scribes often receive higher salaries than those in other parts of the state.

Demand for scribes can also vary by region. For example, medical scribes in Jacksonville, FL, earn between $10 to $17 per hour, while those in Pensacola, FL, might earn $9 to $11 per hour.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

While determining the average medical scribe salary for doctors, experience plays a pivotal role. Studies show that a more qualified and experienced scribe can get higher pay than a less experienced one. Due to their enhanced knowledge and skill in the respective field, an experienced scribe is able to charge more.

Experienced medical scribes must have detailed knowledge on medical terminology, EHRs, medical processes. They also should have experiences working with patients and healthcare experts.

Another important factor that can affect a medical scribe’s salary is their Educational achievement. Individuals with higher educational levels generally have a thorough understanding of the medical field and are able to manage complex responsibilities. So, scribes with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in relevant fields can easily earn a much higher salary. 

Here we provide an estimated breakdown medical scribe salary based on qualification and experience:

  • Entry Level (1-3 years of experience): $12-15 per hour
  • Intermediate (3-5 years of experience): $15-18 per hour
  • Experienced (5-10 years of experience): $18-22 per hour
  • Expert (Above 10 years of experience): $22-25 per hour
medical scribe salary in the United States


Scribes for doctors with specialized skills and experience in certain fields are able to earn higher salaries. Some specializations which helps a medical scribe to earn more are as follows:

  • Cardiology: Medical scribes with detailed knowledge on heart conditions, cardiac procedures and EKG interpretation can have higher salary packages.
  • Emergency Medicine: Scribes with precision training in high-pressure emergency departments may be able to earn a great compensation.
  • Neurology: Medical scribes who have a lot of knowledge about the brain and nervous system might get paid more than an ordinary scribe.
  • Orthopedics: Expert scribes with detailed knowledge on bone and orthopedic surgery processes, can easily get a higher salary.
  • Oncology: As a medical scribe, if you have a great knowledge and skills on heart conditions, cardiac surgery procedures can easily get a lucrative salary.

Work Schedules:

The ER medical scribes act as a common bridge between physicians and medical staff. They transfer the vital updates to healthcare professionals to simplify the workflow in an emergency room.

The Bottom Line

How Much Does a Medical Scribe Earn? Well, It Depends

So, it is no surprise that medical scribes are valuable healthcare members. They are responsible for documenting physician patient encounters in real-time. 

While you are planning to become a scribe for doctors, there might be a question that arises in your mind: What is the average compensation of a medical scribe? Well, the answer is the salary of a scribe widely depends on various critical factors. These factors include location, experience, work schedule and so on. 

However, the salary ranges we provide here are just the rough estimates. Therefore, before making any final career decision, it is important to make thorough research and compare various salary sources available online. 

hysicians in patient consultation. They must update patient’s medical records on a computer. They also transcribe the doctor-patient conversations.

So, if you want to be an ER scribe to make a big difference in today’s challenging healthcare industry, gear yourself up. With the right skills, availability, professionalism, and communication, you’ll be ready to assist.

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